Private Enterprise SOUTHERN LAW COMPANY was founded on July 16, 2008 in Odessa, a cultural and business center of the South of Ukraine. Our company was created from a person’s dream to launch a project that would allow obtaining high level law services, which, in its turn, makes us more confident in every step we make and, in general, more confident in our tomorrow.

Having brought highly professional lawyers together, we set us as an object to take up the highest niche in the field of law services. Aiming for a long-term cooperation, we work to obtain the best possible results and to endeavor to unite our and the client’s efforts, to become allies in solving different issues. Good relationship and very detailed information on the case you turned to us with, will allow us controlling the situation and making decisions.

Having gained successful experience in different fields of law, we decided to make ourselves known to a wide audience. Different sides of life demand lawyer’s assistance; everyone aims to cooperate with a professional, honest and polite expert. We trust you and we hope to gain your trust as well, by proving you our compliance with the criteria you are expecting from us when you turn to us for legal assistance. By concluding an agreement for providing law services, we apply an individual approach and discuss with you any terms and conditions you would like to pay your attention to.

At present, we provide a wide range of services and develop ourselves in the fields which are likely to be in great demand in the nearest future. Our employees constantly improve their professional level. Our experts undergo training, probation and practice, and only after they gain enough experience they deal with your case.

Our company offers you our services in order to represent your interests in courts of various jurisdictions (general, commercial, administrative) and all instances (local, appellate, cassation).

SOUTHERN LAW COMPANY offers you the following law services:

  • represent the interests of physical and legal persons in courts of all jurisdictions, at public and local authorities;
  • appealing of actions of public and local authorities;
  • providing recurrent law services to enterprises, organizations of all forms of property;
  • solving corporate disputes and conflicts;
  • integrate supervision of operations with land and real estate;
  • registration/liquidation of enterprises of all organizational and legal forms;
  • law expert examination.