Presentation of a land plot, Dnepropetrovskaya Doroga Str.

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Land plot area: 2,545 hectares

Purpose: Construction of multistorey residential houses

Form of propert: Lease agreement for 30 years

Terms of sale: Sale of corporate rights

Location of the land plot: Crossing of Dnepropetrovskaya Doroga Str. and Paustovskogo Str.; the facade looks towards Dnepropetrovskaya Doroga Str.

Cost of the land plot: USD 5 mln


The land plot is located in the most populated ward of the city (300 thousand of inhabitants). Surrounded by lots of different shops, round-the-clock supermarkets, agricultural markets, schools, kindergartens etc. Very convenient transport junction, lots of bus routes, route terminals.

Length of facade: 270 m.

In case tall buildings are constructed, a panoramic view will be seen through the windows. An urban planning conclusion for the construction of a residential house is available The house may be constructed by any preferred project. Supervision of the project till the buildings’ putting into operation is available.

Estimated area of development: 75000 sq.m. 7000 sq.m. of them allotted for premises of social, cultural and utility use.

Estimated construction costs: 1 sq.m. = USD 650-700

Estimated sale price of the builder: 1 sq.m. = USD 1000-1150